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How Two Companies Became One

Hand-crafted on Monday, Jul 2, 2018 by Matt Verlaque

This journey has been an interesting one…filled with twists, turns, pivots, and improvements. This one falls squarely into the “improvements” category.

The Origin

Before UpLaunch came to be, there was a company called Run Your Gym. Started by Jake Johnson and myself in 2013, we developed a proof-of-concept platform that we called BoxBuilder. Our goal was to help people like Jake (owner-operator of an independent fitness facility) manage their leads and clients...

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Release Notes — April 20, 2018

Hand-crafted on Thursday, Apr 26, 2018 by Matt Verlaque

Customizable appointment notifications, upgrades to the contact listing page, and a better way to experience the new features that we’re shipping!


Hope everyone is doing well today! This set of release notes covers some killer improvements to appointment configuration and to the main contact list! Along with that, we’ve done a bunch of small tweaks and corrections, and have some cool stuff coming down the pipe as well.

Appointment Type Configuration

As the Platform...

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The UpLaunch Methodology (how we help small businesses win)

Hand-crafted on Tuesday, Jan 2, 2018 by Matt Verlaque

The Product Design Journey

When we get together with one of our partners to create a product on the UpLaunch platform, it’s kind of a magical process. It’s typically done in-person, and it usually takes the form of a relatively intense work session filled with messy whiteboards, “Aha!” moments, spirited debates, and inspired creativity.

However, after the dust has settled and the strategies are outlined, we start to organize all of the chaos...

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Have The Hard Conversations!

Hand-crafted on Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017 by Jake Johnson

Last week, Matt Verlaque and I had a long conversation. We solved a ton of issues, did some strategic planning, talked about life, and reflected on our journey (check out some cliff notes from it — The No-BS Story Of How Our Startup Started Up). One of the issues that we explored was a decrease in productivity because we weren’t utilizing our strengths (and each other’s strengths) the way that...

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The Beginner’s Mind

Hand-crafted on Thursday, Sep 21, 2017 by Matt Verlaque

Shoshin is a concept in Zen Buddhism that means the “beginner’s mind” — in other words, shedding all of your preconceived notions about a particular topic and approaching it from a purely open and inquisitive standpoint.

This “beginner’s mind” approach is something that I cling to vehemently as one of the leaders of UpLaunch. Our platform focuses on small business systems and marketing automations, but it’s certainly not unique to our industry — the principle...

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