Who We Are

The UpLaunch team wasn't created by assembling some all-star team of veteran software founders. I mean yeah, we're pretty solid at what we do, but our work doesn't solely define us. What makes us who we are is our history, experience, and set of battle-tested defining principles.

Everything we do at UpLaunch relates to providing purposeful service to fitness professionals around the world. It's what makes us tick, what motivates us. We believe that people exist to help other people - and given our roots in the fitness world, it was a natural fit.

The UpLaunch leadership team has dedicated decades of their lives to purposeful service while protecting people's lives in the military and the fire department. We were brought up to believe that self-sacrifice, hard work, and compassion are the only things that matter. And we know that applying those principles to our businesses is a winning recipe.

It was our service backgrounds that led us to the fitness industry - in fact, UpLaunch was originally born within the walls of CrossFit Gettysburg in Gettysburg, PA. As we tried to grow our fitness businesses, we realize that there was no software platform that made it easy to deploy advanced marketing automation strategies and tactics with the flip of a switch.

Everything that existed was either really expensive or really complicated. And that just wasn't good enough.

We are a team that is dedicated to providing purposeful service. We are going to help thousands of gym owners and fitness entrepreneurs worldwide. We relentlessly pursue excellence in all areas of our business. We are unwilling to settle for average. We have the grit and determination to succeed at all costs. We are UpLaunch. We are winning.

Matt Verlaque

Father, husband, founder, and nerd. Former career fireman. Enjoys helping others, and watching the amazing team at UpLaunch provide massive value for our customers.

Jake Johnson

Former USMC Infantry & career fireman, founder of CrossFit Gettysburg. Jake's journey as a gym owner was what inspired us to build our software platform.

Mike Wuest

Founder of CrossFit COMO, passionate about client experience, and the wizard behind the UpLaunch campaign strategy. Mike is the point man for our amazing customers.

Matt Taylor

Commonly referred to as the DevNinja. Spends every waking moment trying to translate a million ideas from a million people into a smooth and reliable software platform.

Dave Rawlings

Makes sure that the Matts don't spend all the money, which is basically a full time job. Incredible with numbers, business analytics, and financial strategy.

Rick Haus

Call himself the Orkin Man, because he "kills bugs dead". When he's not breaking stuff, he's playing pickleball and laughing about how warm it is in Florida.

Ethos: The characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.

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