Capturing a lead isn’t a sprint.

Capturing a lead isn’t a sprint. Or a marathon. It’s a hurdle race. Walking in the door of a new gym can be extremely intimidating. Potential members are afraid they won’t be able to keep up, nobody will talk to them, they’ll wear the wrong thing… and what if they...

How to start a podcast in under two hours (for less than $100)

We have a confession. Two years ago we recorded an UpLaunch podcast … and that was it.  We didn’t release the podcast and didn’t record anything new for two years. What happened? Well, we did a few things wrong. Our biggest mistake was starting without any plan or...

UpLaunch Featured on Two-Brain Business Radio

If you've been around in the CrossFit Affiliate world, there's a good chance you have read something from Two-Brain Business and Chris Cooper. Chris and his team regularly contribute and publish articles, podcast and video materials on successful gym ownership with...


A powerful system to ensure that the ball never gets dropped.


A framework to turn new members into brand ambassadors.


Handcrafted touch points to reactivate your former members.

The Reactivation Framework

We'll give you the exact strategy that we use in the UpLaunch Platform to reactivate former members - and show you how to do it WITHOUT using our software!

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