How Live Free CrossFit Gained 40 Members in Three Months

This Miami based gym owner saw his best sales month in six years after using UpLaunch for 90 days.

About Live Free CrossFit

John Kelly opened Live Free Crossfit in 2013 to combine his passion for helping others and remain competitive at the same time. Before starting the gym, Kelly worked a personal trainer, a firefighter, and competed as a professional mixed martial artist.

Following his mission to create an atmosphere of learning, achievement and success, Kelly created a space with the goal to not just be a gym, but a community centered around health and performance. With this in mind, Kelly needed a way to focus on building a relationship with each individual who entered his doors without feeling overwhelmed.

John Kelly Needed a New Approach

When John Kelly opened Live Free CrossFit in 2013, he got by on his work ethic and fitness knowledge. That approach worked -- for a while.

By 2019, his membership had plateaued. And day after day, Kelly was left feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. The more effort he put into marketing his gym, the more leads he generated, but he spent all his time following up with leads and neglecting his other responsibilities as a gym owner.

He needed to find a way to build his gym without working nonstop.
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Transforming Live Free CrossFit With Automation

After tackling outreach for a while on his own, John remembered UpLaunch. UpLaunch enabled John to get back to the what he loves about running a gym by automating his lead follow up and taking it to the next level.

To keep John's audience engaged and excited about what's to come for Live Free CrossFit, UpLaunch provided:

Professionally Written Content

John was able to stop spending time agonizing over content strategy with professionally written emails, blog posts, and articles that he could easily customize to fit his gym’s personality and culture.

Automated Follow Up

Whether it's converting new leads, winning someone back, or strengthening your relationship with existing members, Email and SMS outreach helped to keep Live Free Crossfit in front of their prospective and current members.

Scheduling Functionality

Stop spending precious time cobbling together solutions with duct tape and Zapier. When it comes to sales and marketing, we've got what you need.

A Central Hub For Live Free Crossfit

Live Free CrossFit was able to find a one stop shop for all the information about their leads and clients. This lead to centralized communication, streamlined efforts, and great results.

"What really attracted me to the platform was that they’d done all the heavy lifting already," Kelly said after using UpLaunch. With the heavy lifting done, he had more time to strategize and focus on the big picture.

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“I immediately noticed a better response from new leads. Over 40 new members in our first three months from UpLaunch!”
John Kelly
Owner - Live Free CrossFit

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