How To Write A Facebook Ad For Your Martial Arts School

Writing effective ads is a critical skill when it comes to marketing your school.

Why your Facebook ad could be costing you leads

When you created your Facebook ad, how much time did you spend writing it, from the headline to the image and all the words in between? Have you been using the same ad for years with diminishing results?

You need to write ads in a way that brings in leads and doesn’t spend all your money.

Here are some of most common mistakes we see school owners make in their Facebook ads:

  • Treating the ad like Google Adwords. People don’t see your ad because they’re looking for schools in their area, it just appears in their feed while they’re catching up with friends and family. You have to show how you can solve a problem, establish credibility, and give them a reason to click on your link.
  • Using images that don’t clearly show what you offer, or photos that are bad quality or out of focus. Show everyday people doing amazing things so you don’t intimidate your leads.
  • Failing to answer these three questions: Why buy anything? Why buy from you? Why buy now?

To help create the best ad for your school, we put together a complete guide to writing a Facebook ad, customized specifically for school owners.


What’s the cost of running a poor ad?

An ineffective ad is a waste of money, but even worse than that it hurts your credibility. Don’t run the risk of making a bad (or forgettable) first impression on your target demographic!
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4 Strategies You'll Learn In Our Epic Guide:

  • How to make a connection with your target audience
  • The three elements that should be in every ad you write
  • How to capture -- and keep -- people’s attention to get them to stop scrolling
  • How to pick the right image along with some great caption ideas

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