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To build your remote coaching business you need a system to attract and convert leads and a program that gets people excited and motivated to train from home. We’ll show you how!
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You could be missing out on remote members!

If you're struggling to attract remote coaching clients you could be making these common mistakes:

  • Trying to replicate your in-person experience. To make the program successful you need to change your approach while maintaining the core of what people love about your gym.
  • Not promoting the program to leads and former members. Even once all gyms are open, some people will prefer the remote experience. Your job is to find them!
  • Failing to position yourself as the expert. Don’t send people to random YouTube videos for movement demos. When you’re the source of the information, you become the expert!

To help you attract and convert remote training clients, we put together an end-to-end remote coaching course -- including a full marketing plan, ad templates and copy, downloadable PDF lead magnets, in-depth instructional videos, and more!

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Why do you need remote coaching?

Even once you open, some people will still want to work out from home. Remote coaching is a product that will offer value to many people for years to come. Our course can help you get started right away!
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Included in our Remote Coaching Course:

  • A full marketing plan
  • Ad templates and copy
  • Downloadable PDF lead magnets
  • In-depth instructional videos
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UpLaunch is a fitness CRM with world-class software, training, and support. With UpLaunch all your leads get a reply in under two minutes, you'll never drop the ball on getting your appointments scheduled, and you'll finally be in control of your business...and your life!

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