Are you wasting your advertising budget?

Every gym owner should be spending money on advertising — but how much? What’s the right number that will bring in new members without wasting money?

Are you making these common mistakes?

Do you find yourself spending money on ads without really knowing why? Have you invested time and money into an ad campaign with disappointing results? Are you not even sure how to start advertising?

You need a plan to not only figure out how much money to spend but where to spend it! You also need to know how many ads to run, and how often.

Here are some of most common mistakes we see gym owners make when buying ads:

  • Too many campaigns in one month. If you’re on a budget, you shouldn’t be running separate ad campaigns for all your programs and services. Focus your efforts!
  • Testing too many things at once. Start small, and build from there.
  • Making too many changes at once. Give your ads at least a month before you pull the plug!

To help you avoid these mistakes and figure out how much you should spend on your ads, we put together a complete guide to figuring out your ad budget, customized specifically for gym owners.


What’s the cost of a haphazard advertising strategy?

If you don’t retarget visitors to your website, your lead might move on and reach out to another gym. Don’t miss out on connecting with potential members!
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Four strategies you’ll learn in our helpful guide:

  • How much you should spend to gain new members
  • Formulas to determine how many leads you need to reach your goals
  • Exactly how much money to spend, and where
  • Common mistakes when buying ads and how to avoid them
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