How To Get Your Leads to Walk Through the Door

To build your gym you need a system that converts leads from cold to warm, turning marketing into members. We’ll show you how!
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You could be wasting your marketing money!

How long does it take you to respond to new leads? Do you struggle to figure out how often to reach out to cold leads, and aren’t sure if your first communication should be a call, text, email, or smoke signal?

You need a system that allows you to respond quickly, helps you address any questions, and lets you easily follow up in a way that’s friendly, but not overwhelming.

Here are some of most common mistakes we see gym owners make when communicating with leads:

  • Responding too late. Ideally, you want to catch the lead when they’re feeling the emotions they felt when they contacted you. The odds of qualifying a lead are 21 times greater when they’re contacted in five minutes versus 30 minutes!
  • Not asking enough questions. That first phone call should be about the lead’s goals and challenges, not about your programming and amenities.
  • Failing to follow up. One phone call or email isn’t enough -- 80 percent of sales are made after at least five follow-ups.
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How To Get Your Leads To Walk Through the Door: A Step-by-Step Guide With a Bonus Follow-Up Worksheet

What's the cost of neglecting your leads?

Wait too long to respond and your lead might move on. The timing and quality of your response creates a lasting impression. Make it count!
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4 Strategies You'll Learn In Our Epic Guide:

  • The importance of responding quickly
  • How to get to know your lead
  • How to handle questions about pricing
  • When and how to follow up (and how to track communications)
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UpLaunch is a fitness CRM with world-class software, training, and support. With UpLaunch all your leads get a reply in under two minutes, you'll never drop the ball on getting your appointments scheduled, and you'll finally be in control of your business ... and your life!

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