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Before UpLaunch, the owner of CrossFit YQM said he had no process for getting leads to walk through the door and become members. "UpLaunch has been a huge game-changer, with zero work."
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You can't do it all.

Running a gym is a lot of work, even in the best of times. These days gym owners are faced with a whole new set of responsibilities and concerns. Unfortunately, that sometimes means following up with leads, communicating with members, and reaching out to former members gets pushed to the back burner. This is a problem. Gyms that regularly communicate with leads, members, and former members see better results -- it's that simple.

Here's how UpLaunch helps gym owners save time and gain members:

  • Proven follow-up strategies: How often do you follow up with a lead before giving up? A few days? A few weeks?UpLaunch includes 15 months of lead follow up, 28 months of member nurture emails, and 13 months of former member reengagement communication.
  • Easily create connections with leads: One gym owner compared the software to Michael Scott's (from The Office) little black book. Use UpLaunch to take notes on your conversation with a lead, then create a task for a staff member to follow up and ask the lead about their son's baseball game. Boom -- connection made, lead impressed.
  • A unified solution: Who wants to log into multiple software platforms just to run your gym? UpLaunch helps you bring order to chaos.
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77 percent of leads don't get a phone call.

When it comes to converting leads, the worst mistake you can make is neglecting to follow up. As high as 78 percent of customers buy from the first responder, 80 percent of sales are made after at least five follow-ups, and 92 percent of salespeople give up by the fifth follow up. UpLaunch can help you stop missing these opportunities -- and revenue!
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Some of our killer features:

  • Leads and members can self-schedule appointments
  • A web and mobile app with two-way SMS
  • Automated email campaigns to leads, members, and former members
  • Task management to keep your staff organized
  • Unlimited users and contacts
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About UpLaunch

UpLaunch is a fitness CRM and marketing agency with world-class software, training, and support. With UpLaunch all your leads get a reply in under two minutes, you'll never drop the ball on getting your appointments scheduled, and you'll finally be in control of your business ... and your life!

We believe in delivering value above all - we put our heart and soul into helping gym owners, and we'd love to chat and learn about your business!

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