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3 Questions Every CrossFit Owner Should Know the Answer To

Sara Perry

When you think of a gym, the first thing you picture is the equipment. The floor space and weights are all necessary, but there are many other aspects that go into running a successful CrossFit gym.  

The programs you offer and the ways you engage with your members can have a drastic impact on your member experience (and your bottom line). Here are three questions you should ask yourself if you want to improve your member experience and grow your CrossFit gym.  

1. What do you offer outside of classes?

Your class experience is the backbone of your CrossFit gym, but your member’s aren’t only looking for a good workout. They want a fitness community they can immerse themselves in. What offerings can you develop outside of your typical one-hour class to engage your members?  

To give your members more value, try offering:  

New Programs

New programming gives your members a chance to challenge themselves and experiment with different workouts. What other classes and opportunities can you offer? Ask your members what programming they want to see, and experiment with:  

  • Fitness workshops
  • Boot camps
  • Fitness challenges

Your members came to your CrossFit gym to join a fitness community. How can you help foster relationships and build that camaraderie? Encourage your members to support each other as they work towards their fitness goals. Coordinating workshops and outings can also build community while giving your members a chance to try out something new.  

Nutrition Tips

Nutrition is an important component of fitness, and some of your members may be looking for help. Are you able to offer nutrition and meal planning services? With one-on-one meal planning, you can offer your members more help in reaching their fitness goals while providing a unique, personalized experience.  

2. How are you communicating with your leads and members?

When you’re communicating with your leads and members, make sure to cover your where, what, and how.

WHERE are you communicating?

Your leads will be looking online for information about your gym, so you should have information available for them. Think about where your ideal customer would search for information about your gym, and make sure you have accurate information listed there. Your website, social media, and Google listing are some of the first places potential members will look. Email newsletters and digital ads are also a great way to reach future members.  

WHAT are you communicating?

The content you post needs to be consistent if you want to develop brand recognition and trust. Having an inconsistent online identity may confuse members and turn away potential customers. Make sure you’re posting accurate and timely information on each platform you use. Your visual branding and voice should also authentically represent your business.  

WHEN are you communicating?

The timing and frequency of your messaging are important factors in engaging your members. Schedule your social posts, emails, and digital ads with balance in mind. Posting infrequently can cause your members to lose interest, but posting too much may be overwhelming. Pick a consistent schedule that works for you and your members, then adjust as needed.  

3. How are you treating your members?  

Your members joined your gym to be a part of a community, and the way you treat them impacts that experience. Building relationships with your members can be a powerful engagement tool, but remember to stay consistent and professional with all of your members. To prevent preferential treatment, avoid:

  • Offering personalized rates
  • Getting too personal with members
  • Giving legacy members more attention  
  • Responding to some members quicker than others

Your members should know that you respect their time and value their experience.

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