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The 5 elements of a successful fitness business website

Sam Perry

Rental space? Check.

Programming? Check.

Website? Uh ...

Look, we know tech bores some people to tears. But the harsh reality is that a weak web presence can really hurt the performance of your fitness business, whether you own a CrossFit® box, a gym, or a studio.

Why You Need To Care About Your Website

Sure, athletes can walk into your business off the street. But most customers are going to turn to the internet before they ever interact with you directly.

In other words, if you don’t have an effective website, you’re leaving money on the table.

On top of that, 28% of small businesses in the U.S. forgo a website altogether. That means you can get a leg up on the competition just by having one at all.

The 5 Things Every Small Business Website Needs

Every high-performing website has five key elements that make it successful. If you make sure your website ticks all the boxes, you’ll be a step ahead of the other businesses in your area.

1. Sleek, Simple Design

Don’t you just love reading through long, confusing webpages?

Yeah, we didn’t think so. Your customers don’t like it either.

Design is king when it comes to creating engaging web content. People take less than one second to size each other up, so you know they’re judging your website from the jump. Lead with eye-catching design and a clear visual flow, and you’ll have them hooked from the first moment.

The reverse is true too. If your site looks like something from the early 2000s — or worse, the ’90s — you’re going to lose all credibility real quick.  

Customers expect professionalism from first glance. Don’t scare them away before you’ve even had a chance to make your pitch.

2. Consistent Branding

Who are you? What do you offer?

These answers may be obvious to you, but you’ve been living and breathing this business for a while. Catch potential customers up to speed by making sure your logos, imagery, and writing style all align.

A good brand feels trustworthy to everyone who visits your website and walks in your door. Send a more cohesive message to customers by working out those individual brand elements.

3. Persuasive Web Copy

Yes, we did say design is king. But if so, web copy is queen.

Pictures and graphics can only convey so much. At a certain point, website visitors need to know specifics about your fitness business as well as what they need to do next. Words are the best way to accomplish that.

Here are a few tips to start wordsmithing:

  • Keep it brief. No one wants to read a novel in the era of information overload.
  • Identify your customers’ problems, wants and needs. Then speak directly to those.
  • Pick a tone. You can be friendly, authoritative, direct, etc. — whatever appeals to both you and your market.

If you’re in a copy crisis, the UpLaunch Agency can help. We’re the only StoryBrand Certified Agency in the fitness business space.

4. Clear Calls to Action

Customers can’t read your mind. They need to be guided toward next steps.

A call to action — or CTA for short — is when you tell a potential client exactly what you want them to do:

  • Schedule your fitness consultation.
  • Sign up for your free class trial.
  • Schedule your free fitness assessment.

Or, if you want to get more creative with it:

  • Recommit to fitness.
  • C’mon, join our crew.
  • Learn the technique to get the physique.

It may seem rudimentary or just plain rude to order people around, but we promise it’s not. When you communicate clearly, the leads and conversions follow.

5. Your Story

Fitness is an individual journey for most people. Whether someone wants to lose weight or push their body to the limit, it’s all about personal bench marks and doing better than they did the day before.

As they look for a guide on this journey, why should they choose you over the gym or studio down the street? Because you have slightly newer equipment? Because you’re $10 cheaper than the competition?

Of course not! YOU are the differentiator.

Follow your athletes' lead by letting your personality shine through your website. Highlight some or all of these topics on your about page or homepage:

  • Your fitness journey: We all came from somewhere. Show potential customers why they should follow in your footsteps.
  • Your business background: Everyone respects an entrepreneur, even if they stumble along the way.
  • Education and certifications: Athletes want owners and coaches they can trust.
  • Setbacks: People love an underdog ...
  • Triumphs: … almost as much as they love a winner.
  • Your gym’s vibe: Think physical space and clientele. Any descriptions come to mind? Supportive? Intense? Personal?

Create a Stronger Site With UpLaunch

New to creating websites? No problem. We can help anyone, from fledgling boutique gym owners to seasoned CrossFit affiliates.

With UpLaunch’s website services, we’ll build you a brand-spankin'-new website from scratch. Make it as complex or as simple as you want. Convert leads in one to two clicks. Oh, and get unlimited revisions so you always stay fresh.

Unlike Wix or Squarespace, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your site. That’s all on us!


Are you losing leads with your current website?

No one likes an outdated or confusing website.

It’s tough for you to maintain. It’s hard for your customers to understand. And it scares people away before they see what you have to offer.

The UpLaunch Agency can build you an effective website to attract more athletes to your fitness business. You can convert leads in just one to two clicks with our writing and web design. Plus, you get landing pages and unlimited revisions so you always stay current.

Give your business the website it deserves
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