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A Case for Allowing Drop-Ins

Megan Cunningham

As a gym owner, you know the benefit of drop-ins:

  • Extra revenue
  • Increased social proof
  • Potential members

But you also know how much of a pain they can be to execute.  

After a few bad experiences, you may wonder if drop-ins are worth the hassle. Or maybe you’ve discontinued drop-ins at your gym altogether.  

Before you completely write them off, here’s a few tips to build a drop-in experience that is worth the effort on your part and creates a world-class experience for your visitors.  

Creating a Seamless Drop-In Experience

Take the headache out of hosting drop-ins through a bit of preparation. Once you have drop-in policies in place and test them a few times, you’ll have a smooth process that makes hosting visitors a breeze.  

Set up your drop-in process in 5 easy steps:  

  1. Outline Your Drop-In Policy  

Have a clear drop-in policy outlined on your website. List any requirements, details, and prices online to make the information accessible to visitors.  

  1. Require Advanced Notice

To avoid a last-minute scramble, require advance notice for athletes dropping into your gym. This gives you time to prepare and adjust your programming accordingly.  

  1. Limit Class Times  

Restrict drop-ins to your less busy times and all-level classes. Your coaches will be better able to look after your visitors, and members won’t miss out on their favorite class times due to capacity constraints.  

  1. Communicate with Drop-Ins

Provide information, expectations, and a place for visitors to ask questions before their visit.  

  1. Let Staff Know

Let your coaches know about any upcoming drop-ins so they can prepare accordingly. This ensures the class runs smoothly and the visitor feels welcome at your gym.  

Automate the Process

Want to make things even easier? UpLaunch’s Drop-In campaign simplifies the process with pre-built emails, two-way SMS, and staff notifications.

When a visitor schedules a drop-in, UpLaunch’s Drop-In campaign sends them an email outlining what to expect and providing information about their visit. Then, a few days after their visit, UpLaunch will reach out to see how their visit went and ask for a brief review.  

Now you’re gaining social proof and developing relationships with your drop-ins!  

As a bonus, your visitor will live as a contact in your UpLaunch account. This means that the next time they are in town, you’ll already have information from their last visit.  

Manage drop-ins with ease through UpLaunch’s customizable Drop-In campaign. Configure your communication to include details your drop-ins need and let UpLaunch handle the rest.  


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