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How to get your leads to respond

It doesn’t matter how many email addresses and phone numbers you collect if you can’t get people to respond.

To gain new members and grow your gym or studio, you need your leads to book a consultation or come in for a free class.

Most gyms are great at converting people once they get in the door, but many gym owners struggle to get leads to respond. They aren't sure when to follow up and how often to reach out.

Should you send emails and text messages or go right for the phone call?

How do you manage all this follow up without staying up all night sending emails?

The answer is automation with a personal touch, following a proven cadence. Most gym owners give up on leads too soon, so you’ll stand out if you continue to follow up after others have fallen away. Email is the backbone of any lead conversion strategy, but phone calls and and texts are the secret to high conversion rates.

A recent study showed 77 percent of leads never received a phone call.

An initial follow up phone call or text message will set you apart from other gyms, but it's consistent communication that will help you convert the most leads. As high as 78 percent of customers buy from the first responder, 80 percent of sales are made after at least five follow-ups, and 92 percent of salespeople give up by the fifth follow-up.

We know that 22 percent of our conversions across all UpLaunch accounts happen after the two-week mark.

According to a recent study by the Harvard Business Review, 71 percent of qualified leads never receive any type of follow up. This represents a missed opportunity (and revenue)!

Remember that not all leads are created equal. You need to communicate differently with leads that opt in via your website and have been regularly opening your emails than leads that entered through a Facebook ad. The reason for this is leads who purposely find you are more qualified because their need has brought them to you. You should be responding to these leads in a different way, with a different approach.

If this all sounds confusing and overwhelming, don’t worry. We can help!

Our mission is to help gym owners get more members, not more work, so we created a comprehensive guide to getting your leads to respond. In this free guide we explain how to get to know your leads, how to handle questions about pricing, suggestions for tracking your communication, and most important: when and how to follow up. We also include a new lead worksheet to help you get started tracking your lead response.

Just fill out your name and email below and we'll send you our guide. We hope it helps you get leads to walk through your door and become members! 

How to get your leads to respond

Are you wasting your marketing money?

If you aren’t converting leads, it may be time to change your follow-up strategy.

You know too many calls and texts and the lead could unsubscribe, too little and they might disappear. How do you hit the perfect balance while also running a gym? To help you out, we consulted some of the best marketing minds in the biz and created this free, step-by-step guide to converting leads to members.

Download our guide to converting leads from cold to warm!
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