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New From UpLaunch: Marketing for Martial Arts!

We know you want to grow your school. In order to do that you need marketing content designed specifically for martial arts. The problem is most marketing software is focused on functional fitness gyms or yoga studios, leaving martial arts schools feeling ignored.

Not anymore.

We’re thrilled to announce a brand new product: content and marketing automation built specifically for martial arts schools, including six campaigns designed to nurture and convert leads into new students and martial arts specific PDFs your leads can download for free.

We believe your marketing software should save you time, not create more work!

Why You Need a Lead Intake System

When you don't have an expertly crafted, automated system for communicating with leads you either spend all your time writing emails or you get busy running your school and forget to respond, letting valuable leads drift away.  

You’d be amazed how many times leads reach out to a school and get back ... nothing.  

Guess what happens next?

They reach out to a different school, and eventually the school with a robust lead intake system (like UpLaunch!) responds and gets a conversation going. The school that provides a professional experience with content that builds confidence, shows the value of a martial arts practice, and delivers value is the one that converts a lead and gets a new student.

If someone shows interest in your school this should be the beginning of the conversation, not the end of the road. Potential students want to know you are organized, professional, and communicative.

Convert Leads into Students

Our customized campaigns include emails, SMS messages, and tasks to introduce your school to the lead, create a connection, establish expertise, and communicate multiple value propositions. The UpLaunch team has roots in the martial arts world, from BJJ to boxing, and many martial arts schools already use our product. We spent months talking to martial arts school owners and researching the market, then took our winning lead nurturing strategy and created content customized for the martial arts market.

As an added bonus, our brand-new martial arts product also includes website landing pages with marketing copy to help you capture -- and convert -- new leads.

With this new product you can easily stay in regular contact with your leads. We'll help you nurture your leads to get them to take the next step, whether that's book a consultation, begin a free trial, or become a student. Now you can easily stay in regular contact with the lead and spend more time doing what you love.

Book a demo and learn more! 

How to write a Facebook ad for your gym

When was the last time you wrote a new Facebook ad?

If you aren’t getting the leads you once did, it might be time for a rewrite.

We know life as a gym owner is crazy busy. Who has time to spend hours creating the perfect Facebook ad? To help you out, we consulted some of the best marketing minds in the biz and talked to owners of successful gyms to create this free, step-by-step guide to writing a Facebook ad.

Download our guide to writing a Facebook ad customized specifically for gym owners!
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