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New UpLaunch Feature: Modular Campaigns

Megan Cunningham

Things are looking a bit different around here. You may have noticed a new UpLaunch feature: the Marketplace.  

Maybe you’ve caught whispers of “modular campaigns” and heard how they could help solve your current challenges with customer relationship management. Well, they are finally here! The Marketplace is your new centralized hub to view modular campaign offerings to add value to your gym’s marketing strategy.  

Let’s dive in to learn more about modular campaigns and how you can use them at your gym.

Introducing Modular Campaigns 

Modular campaigns provide flexibility to run your gym your way! With modular campaigns, your contacts can exist in multiple stages of their client journey simultaneously.  

Do you have a gym member who is interested in your nutrition program? Now, with modular campaigns, they can become a nutrition lead without sacrificing their status as a current client at your gym.  

Modular campaigns increase your ability to attract and nurture contacts – no matter where they are in their fitness journey!  

Housed in our new Marketplace, modular campaigns consist of expertly crafted campaign strategies designed to enhance your gym’s marketing efforts.  

Here’s a look inside the Marketplace:  

  • 80+ modular campaigns
  • Campaign actions based on appointments  
  • Bulk add contacts to campaigns
  • Customizable/create-your-own campaigns
  • Contacts in multiple campaigns  
  • New strategies every 2-4 weeks!
Customize your athlete's journey with Modular Campaigns
Customize your athlete's journey with Modular Campaigns

Lead Conversion

74% of businesses say converting leads into customers is their top priority.  

But many businesses don’t track where their leads are coming from, resulting in misplaced marketing efforts that fail to convert their leads.  

From 7-day trials to gym challenges, UpLaunch has developed research-backed campaigns to help attract and convert your leads with relevant, personalized touchpoints.  

Client Engagement

Bringing in new leads is only part of the equation; effort must also be placed on membership retention.

Studies show that continued engagement increases retention rates, building the loyalty members have to your gym.

Did you know that decreasing attrition rates by even 5% can increase profits by up to 95%?

UpLaunch’s modular campaigns provide cultivated strategies to nurture your members and increase their feeling of value at your gym.

Whether you’re requesting feedback, launching a month-long member challenge, or gathering testimonials, UpLaunch’s client campaigns allow you to stay connected with members without adding hours to your workday.  


The easiest way to grow your gym. Now, with increased flexibility.

UpLaunch’s modular campaigns were created to meet your gym’s unique needs, utilizing research-backed strategies to help you convert leads and engage with current members.

Book a call with our team today to see how modular campaigns can transform your marketing efforts.

Get more leads in the door!
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