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New UpLaunch Feature: The Broadcast Center

Hilary Achauer

We’re so excited to share a brand-new feature: the Broadcast Center.

It’s been a long time in the making, but this new feature is definitely worth the wait.

The Broadcast Center -- which replaces the old bulk messaging tool -- is jam-packed with new features to help you deliver bulk communications (email and SMS) to your contacts in UpLaunch.

Want to know more?

We’re so glad you asked! The Broadcast Center includes:

  • Templates - The ability to create rich templates for communications like newsletters, client stories, event announcements, and notices about holiday hours or general gym news.
  • Automatic Saving & Drafts - No more hitting the save button! We automatically save your content as you're creating it. As gym owners we know you get interrupted all the time. Now if you have to step away from the computer, your content is saved as a draft and you can start right where you left off.
  • Schedule Future Broadcasts - Want a bulk email or SMS to go out while you’re on vacation? No problem! Now you can schedule the date and time in advance and boom, it happens automatically.
  • Custom Audiences - With the Broadcast Center you can send messages to specific groups, filtered by campaign status, gender, age, or assigned staff member -- you choose! You can also create groups of individually-selected users, like everyone who attends the 5:30am class.
  • Live Preview - This allows you to preview the email/SMS live inside the platform without sending yourself a test email.
  • Broadcast Metrics - Wonder how many people read your email? Now you can monitor the performance of the broadcast and drill down to see who's read, clicked, unsubscribed, or which emails were undeliverable.

Those are the highlights -- let’s dig in a little more!

The Details

We’re replacing UpLaunch’s previous bulk messaging tool with the Broadcast Center, the best way to broadcast your messages to your contacts. (The bulk messaging tool will be removed from the platform by December 1, 2019.) You can still send bulk messages, but we’ve added a bunch of cool new features.

One of the best things about the new Broadcast Center is the ability to preview your emails live, within the platform. This means no more sending yourself a test email, then logging into your email to review. A feature many users have been asking about for years is the ability to schedule emails and text messages in advance. Now you can actually schedule out your broadcast emails and texts directly from this tool.

The other great thing about the Broadcast Center is all your drafts save automatically. We know you’re busy and may only have a few minutes to write messages in between classes. Now your work is saved automatically so you can pick up right where you left off.

We’ve created templates within the Broadcast Center to create newsletters, event or schedule announcements, or anything else you may need on a regular basis. Use one of our preloaded templates or create one of your own. This is great for the holiday season if you want to create a template for announcements about schedule changes.

Hot Tip

A template every gym should create is an email asking members for a Google or Facebook review. Send this out a few times a year to build up your SEO and help your gym rank better on Google searches. Create it once and you’ll have it forever!

With every communication you can filter to reach a specific audience -- leads, members, former members, or a subsection of members. Maybe you want to send emails to people in the inactive lead campaign or only staff members. You can also sort by age or gender, which is great if you have a women’s only class or offer programming for masters athletes.  

The other incredible new feature is the ability to track metrics and performance. Now you can see who opens your emails as well as the click rate, undelivered messages, and unsubscribe rates.  

Our new Broadcast Center is a super powerful tool, and we’re so happy it’s out in the world, ready for UpLaunch users to easily communicate with all of their contacts -- from members to leads -- and track the results.


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