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UpLaunch is joining the Daxko family!

Matt Verlaque

It's a great day at UpLaunch - we've got some INCREDIBLE NEWS!

UpLaunch is now part of the Daxko family which includes the incredible people from Zen Planner and SugarWOD!

Yes, you read that right - we’ve been acquired by Daxko as part of their movement to provide best-of-breed fitness software to gym owners around the world.

Why We Did This

At UpLaunch, we’ve always “worked in public.” You guys know who we are, see us in the Facebook group and in Intercom, and know that most of our team is composed of gym owners just like you.

Most of you also know our origin story. Jake and I left our jobs as firefighters, bootstrapped the business from day one, and didn’t take huge amounts of outside funding for one reason, because we wanted to spend our time talking to customers and building software instead of chasing investors and crunching numbers.

You guys also know the wild amount of growth we experienced in 2019 (THANK YOU ALL). With that growth comes a desire to do more for you by continuing to innovate in the CRM and marketing automation space while simultaneously growing our team and increasing the speed at which we can move. That’s where Daxko comes in.

Much of the conversation with Daxko has been focused around “pouring rocket fuel” into UpLaunch (bad pun intended):

  • Bringing in more code ninjas, design gurus, and industry experts to ensure that we can improve the platform faster and with fewer bugs.
  • Partnering with the best leaders in the industry to productize and deliver expertise that’s not available anywhere else.
  • Building a fully integrated ecosystem - where your billing system, your performance tracking app, and your marketing platform are all deeply integrated - freely exchanging data, keeping contacts sync’d and up-to-date, and showing you the most accurate view of your business that the industry has ever seen.

The bottom line is this: we are creators - it’s where our passion lies. We love building software that helps you run better businesses, which in turn allows you to lead more fulfilling lives. And we just gained a ton of new friends who are going to help make that happen.

What This Means For You

Similar to when SugarWOD joined forces with Daxko, there will be no immediate changes to the UpLaunch world. The entire team is still here and will be running UpLaunch day-to-day, you’ll still see your favorite orange rocket ship, and most importantly: you don't have to do anything differently.

Here are a couple of things you WILL see:

  • A renewed focus on building integrations for UpLaunch. Of course, Zen Planner and SugarWOD will be at the top of the list. Not to worry - this strategy will not impact any of our current integrations!
  • Shifting priority towards building additional turn-key campaigns and automations. As our team continues to expand, we will be able to more effectively focus our expertise towards writing new content and strategies for the UpLaunch platform

There are probably a TON of questions. I can tell you for sure that I may not have all of the answers yet, but I’ll address each and every one of you who replies - so drop me a line!

We’re so pumped to turn the page and lean into the next chapter of this UpLaunch journey. Let’s make amazing things happen together!


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