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Host a virtual gymnastics course!

Hilary Achauer

Mastering gymnastic movements like muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, and strict pull-ups requires time and patience. Athletes often need to start by breaking those movements into step-by-step progressions, but many people don't have time to practice these movements or they aren't sure what scaling options to use.

Well, most of your members suddenly have a lot more time on their hands. Make the most of it!

Now that your members aren't commuting or driving the kids to soccer practice, they can slow down and start thinking about what skills they need to get their first strict pull-up.

What if you used this time to teach them the proper progressions, scaling options, and skill transfer exercises in a virtual class?

Right now it's all about being creative, flexible, and offering incredible value to your members.

To help you out, we put together a template you can use for your social media posts and emails promoting this course. All you have to do is figure out what you're going to teach. If you're like most coaches you already have tons of ideas!

We added a document called "Virtual Gymnastics Scaling Course -- Social Media and Email Templates" to our public Google Drive folder called "UpLaunch Coronavirus Gym Resources."

Here you'll find other templates you can use to communicate with your members and keep your community connected.

Next we'll share a template for a virtual Olympic Lifting course. (Hey, everyone has a broomstick, right?)

Curious about the details?

Here's the social media post template:

❗CALLING all members!

Join us on [DATE] for a virtual workout followed by a gymnastics course. This course will also include a Q and A session so you have time to ask any of those burning 🔥 questions you don’t usually have time for in a one-hour class.

❓How do I SCALE a bar muscle-up or handstand push-up?

❓How do I PROGRESS toward my first strict pull-up?

❓How, why, and WHEN to use a kip swing to obtain reps and build muscle endurance in workouts? 

💯 The first step is empowering you with the technique, knowledge, and skill breakdown.  In class, there often isn’t time for deep dives into all the scaling options and skill transfer exercises. This is the perfect time to slow down and dial in a step-by-step process to have you crushing your goals when we all return to the gym!

What to expect:

✔Scaling options that diversify your gymnastics toolbox so you're not always doing ring rows for pull-ups!

✔Progression plans that include skill transfer exercises to get you closer to your first pull-up, handstand, or muscle-up -- oh ya! (You better believe it to achieve it!) 💪

✔Q & A at the end of the course where we open the Zoom room up for your questions about anything and everything!

While we will not be able to be hands-on during this online session, this time will allow you to take notes and reflect on your goals and plan how to take steps to obtain them.

We will tell you all things gymnastics so when you are back at the box you have a PLAN in place to crush your goals! 👊

Who’s in?

Comment below with a gymnastics movement you struggle with and would love to see broken down more!

We will record and email out this course afterward. No worries if you can’t make it! 😎


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