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Beat burnout & achieve work-life balance with UpLaunch

Sam Perry

2020 and 2021 forced many of us to reevaluate our relationship with work.

Gym and studio owners have faced unique stressors during this time. With the pandemic halting our industry, we’ve had to pivot, learn new technology, and retain members to the best of our ability despite shutdowns.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve work-life balance as an owner. You’ll just have to be a little more strategic about how you find it.

How Many People Are Feeling Burned Out?

Indeed released results from their burnout survey back in March 2021. Here’s what their 1,500 respondents shared:

  • 52% reported burnout
  • 67% thought burnout got worse during the pandemic
  • 27% felt that they couldn’t unplug from work

Gallup’s “State of the Global Workplace: 2021 Report” also showed that workers from the U.S. and Canada felt the most stress out of all countries surveyed, with 57% reporting daily stress.

The moral of the story? If you’re feeling burned out, you’re not alone.

How UpLaunch Prevents Burnout

At its core, the UpLaunch Platform is all about time management.

Customer relationship management and marketing efforts are scalable, so we’ve streamlined those processes to save you extra hours each week.

See how Samantha Danz from Big Dane Collective plans on using the extra time she’ll get back from UpLaunch.

Timesaver 1: Lead Capture & Member Sorting

Any time a visitor fills out a lead capture form on your website, UpLaunch stores their info and sorts them into the appropriate contact list. The same process happens when a person signs up for their first class or goes inactive.

We categorize leads and members based on the four phases of the customer lifecycle:

  1. Convert: Turn new leads into clients.
  2. Engage: Keep new members around for their first 100 days.
  3. Retain: Nurture relationships with existing members.
  4. Reactivate: Reach back out to former members.

Knowing which phase each person is in helps you target your communications for the best results.

Timesaver 2: Automated Communications

"I would say UpLaunch has saved us at least 30 hours a week. At least.” — Quinn Patrick, CrossFit Smithfield

Leads and members behave similarly depending on where they fall in the customer lifecycle. That’s why well-timed automatic communications improve conversion, engagement, retention, and reactivation.

As owners ourselves, we’ve tested all kinds of strategies and gotten the timing of our comms down to a science. Our journey emails catch your customers at the point where they’re most receptive to your messages — and therefore, most likely to act.

The UpLaunch Broadcast Center keeps all your communications nicely organized so you can send out emails and texts to customized groups with ease.

Timesaver 3: SMS App

It can be difficult to keep your work and personal life separate. But we try our darndest to help you out by keeping all your business texts in one place with our native SMS mobile app.

See all incoming and outgoing text messages between you and your members in one easy spot. No more worrying about whether you’ll text Moe or Morgan instead of Mom.

Timesaver 4: Integration With Zen Planner

Our parent company, Daxko, has built a software ecosystem to bring fitness business owners an end-to-end member journey. To help achieve this, we’ve built an integration with sister brand Zen Planner.

Zen Planner is a business management and billing software that helps you manage the day-to-day business operations of your gym or studio. Our integration ensures you don’t have to do double duty by reentering information between the two software.

Already using a different software? No problem. UpLaunch is also compatible with other platforms through the use of Zapier.

Get Time Back With UpLaunch

You’re not just a fitness business owner — you’re an athlete, a beloved family member, a part of the community, and a person with hobbies and interests outside of entrepreneurship.

We don’t want you to burn out and backslide in your business. By bringing in outside tools, you’ll save countless hours and dollars in the long run, which (in our humble opinion) makes the upfront cost well worth it.

If you’re ready for a break, schedule a live demo with one of our team members. We’ll show you how the UpLaunch Platform can help automate your business so you can take a load off.


Tired of feeling like all you do is sleep and work?

Our marketing automations can save you countless hours per week.

Book a live demo with one of our team members. We’ll show you how the UpLaunch Platform can save you time so you can get back to a balanced life.

Save valuable time with UpLaunch
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