06. At-Home Program Overview & Assets

How you can enhance your 30 Day At-Home Program and the PDF download.

30-Day At-Home PDF Downloads

Below is the PDF that will be sent when people opt-in your UpLaunch journey.

How to Enhance Your 30-Day At-Home Workout Program  

The UpLaunch Remote Coaching Framework includes a downloadable 30-Day At-Home Workout Program. Included in the program are movements that will be unfamiliar to many. Explaining these movements yourself — rather than relying on people to research the movements on their own — is a great opportunity for you to establish expertise and build a connection with your leads and remote clients! 

When someone needs more information about a movement they have two options:

Option 1: They search for instructions on YouTube, which establishes someone else outside your gym as the expert.  

Option 2: You provide the appropriate resource, demonstrate the expertise, and start building a relationship.

We recommended you film short explainer videos to establish yourself as the expert and build better relationships with leads and members. You can organize these videos by movement or by the workouts in the 30-Day At-Home Program, giving an explanation for each day. 

Here are our instructions and tips for your explainer videos:

  1. Start by watching our general guidelines for your explainer videos above:

           -Things to keep in mind: set your phone or camera on a stable surface, make sure your background is           clean and free of clutter, get rid of any background noise, write notes for yourself off camera, and be           clear and concise!

  1. Once you’ve made your videos, create a hidden landing page on your website. For example, our landing page would be: www.uplaunchgym.com/athomeworkouts. On that page you’d include all the videos people can access with a single link. 

               -Workout 1 - Video

               -Workout 2 - Video 

               -and so on….

      3. Your other option is to upload the videos to YouTube (or your preferred video host source) and provide            multiple links.

      4. After you have your video links, customize the PDF by dropping the links in the document. 

This is a great opportunity to establish expertise. People will have questions, you should be the one providing the answers!

10 Tips for Recording Training Videos

Read the PDF on how to level up your training videos.