07. Programming & Services

A complete look at what programs and services to offer for remote coaching.

Remote Coaching - Programs & Services

On your up-sell page in your funnel, you have the ability to offer multiple programs that suit your gym’s current offerings. While most gyms have taken their in-person core offering (group classes) to virtual coaching and online classes, there is a huge opportunity to add in both a low-touch offer and a higher-touch offering similar to personal training!

[Gym Name] at Home

This program is an at-home workout program that you will deliver through SugarWOD. This is similar to what people would get using a program like BeachBody, Street Parking, etc. You can build the programs or utilize the free at-home programming services from the SugarWOD marketplace.

This program should be priced anywhere from $49-$99 per month and include a Facebook accountability group.

Remote Group Coaching Offer

This program is your normal in-person gym offer, but you’re offering it online via a video conferencing tool like Zoom. You’re still going to host live online classes, but include gym-wide community events (virtual happy hours), group accountability meetings (as frequently as possible), nutrition guidance (light), and daily inspiration.

This program should be priced the same as your in-gym program — or slightly higher for new leads who come in — as they will need some individual attention.

Personalized Remote Coaching

This program is your personal training offer, but completely online and digital. You will use a tool like TrueCoach to execute as you’ll be writing or curating individual programs based on the individual’s need. You may offer higher touch points, daily feedback, and nutrition guidance.

This is your high dollar remote coaching offer and should be priced no less than $250 a month. Many of these programs command in the high hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.