04. Website / ClickFunnels Overview

How to set up your website to get leads to opt-in. If you use ClickFunnels, we have it already built out for you.

Website Overview

When deploying the Remote Coaching Journey you may want to create a remote coaching landing page on your website and/or update your current "getting started" page with details about your entry level appointment. For example, if you offer a No Sweat Intro, you may update the content to read that these appointments will be over the phone or on a platform like Zoom for their first communication. For the landing page design, you could use the 30 Day At-Home Landing Page located below as a template.

ClickFunnel Overview

The sales funnel looks similar to what you’ve previously used to generate leads. It has a clear offer to get them in the door (30 day at-home program) with an opportunity to schedule a virtual/phone appointment.


FB Ad → Landing Page (30 Days of Workouts PDF) → Send to UpLaunch → Up-Sell Page

The funnel has two versions, one simple and one advanced. The simple version is a standard two-step funnel that takes them from the ad to a landing page with an opt-in to receive the 30 day at-home program. It sends them to UpLaunch, and then drops them on the Up-Sell/Thank-You page to give them the opportunity to book a virtual/phone consult.


FB Ad → Landing Page (30 Days of Workouts PDF) → Send to UpLaunch → Up-Sell Page → Online Program Registration → Program Membership Site

The advanced version does everything the simple version does, but adds an additional step to deliver the at-home program via a membership site. Our ClickFunnels template has this all pre-built for you. Just customize it to your individual gym! When people join the membership site, you will want to set them up in the UpLaunch 100-Day Journey.