Office Hours: How To Navigate Coronavirus In Your Gym

Join UpLaunch co-founder Mike Wuest for a 30 minute jam session on some strategies and tactics to help your gym navigate the Coronavirus pandemic - and come out stronger on the other side.

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Tues, Mar 17th at 3pm EST

Are you in the gym business or the coaching business?

Here's what we mean: there are a lot of ways that you can deliver value to your members, even if you're forced to close your doors temporarily. In this Office Hours session, we'll review communication strategies, equipment lending programs, ways to train remotely, and more!

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Communication Plans

Ways to effectively communicate with your membership during times of uncertainty - how to set expectations, paint a clear picture, and keep people motivated.

Operational Guidance

Some rock-solid tactics to navigate expectations for your clients and your staff, and to ensure that you're delivering value whether or not your doors are open.

Tips for "Going Digital"

Tools and plans for expanding your client experience by leveraging tools for at-home workouts, programs, and client accountability.

Free Downloadable Resources

Templates and materials from industry experts to help you be effective without a huge time investment. We'll be linking some downloads during the session!

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