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Join UpLaunch founder, Jake Johnson, as he does a deep dive on the best fitness marketing framework in the industry today.

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Thurs, Feb 20th at 1:00pm EST

Your gym should reach its full potential.

I was a gym owner. I grew my gym in a small town to be highly profitable, trained my staff to run it, and sold it 5 years later. On Thursday, I'm going to give you the tools that I used to do it.

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Strategies for Every Stage

From the most bulletproof lead follow-up in the business, to a killer strategy for building brand advocates, to amazing ways to re-engage former clients... we'll give you everything we've got!

Step-By-Step Guides & Templates

This isn't a sales pitch for our software (although we will give you that too). We're giving away free PDF templates, email copy, and a small e-book on reactivating former members - just for showing up.

Live Questions & Answer Session

This isn't some lame recorded webinar - we will be on live, and will answer any questions that you have about our framework on the call, in real time, for everyone to hear!

Works for Any Type of Fitness Business

Although UpLaunch was born inside of a strength & conditioning gym, the principles of our framework will work for ANY type of fitness business - from powerlifting to pilates!

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Headshot of John Kelly, owner of Live Free CrossFit
“I immediately noticed a better response from new leads who were getting booked into our program. I gained more confidence and was making more and more sales.
John Kelly
Owner - Live Free CrossFit

Your gym ain't gonna grow itself.

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