Articles and information to help you engage and retain your members.

Go from “like” to “love” -- how to build super fans in your gym

A two-step plan to increase retention and help your gym grow exponentially.

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What to do when coaches (and members) leave

How Cobra Command CrossFit gained 56 members in two months (after losing three coaches).

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What happens after "why" -- how to organize your members' stories

How to keep track of your members' goals to improve retention.

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The top growth strategy for your gym (it's not about more members)

The amount of members you have means nothing when it comes to health of your business.

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What NOT to do when a member leaves your gym

A guide to communicating with former members.

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63% of New Members Quit - And How to Beat That Statistic

How to keep your members as motivated on their 100th day as their first.

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