Articles and information to help you engage and retain your members.

COVID-19 Information and Resources for Gym Owners

A real-time source of information for gym owners dealing with COVID-19 gym closures.

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How to run a successful Zoom workout

Tips for running a Zoom workout to keep your members active and engaged.

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Gym closing temporarily? Let your members check out equipment.

How to lend out equipment and keep your community strong during a temporary closure.

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A life-changing email: the magic of the former client campaign

A case study of an amazing lifestyle transformation - which was spurred by the UpLaunch "Former Client" Campaign!

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Go from “like” to “love” -- how to build super fans in your gym

A two-step plan to increase retention and help your gym grow exponentially.

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What to do when coaches (and members) leave

How Cobra Command CrossFit gained 56 members in two months (after losing three coaches).

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