The Cost of Avoiding Automated Marketing

Marketing is all about connecting with the right people at the right time. A personal touch helps build those relationships, but avoiding marketing automation can lead to some big mistakes.

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New UpLaunch Feature: Modular Campaigns

Customize your marketing communications with UpLaunch’s newest software feature: modular campaigns!

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Read These 10 Books If You’re a Fitness Entrepreneur

Take a break from the day-to-day and check out this list of some of our favorite books for fitness entrepreneurs. Level up your gym or school.

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6 ways to boost your gym's revenue

Here are 6 types of products and services your gym can offer to increase revenue and provide more value to your members.

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The top KPIs your gym MUST track

Ensure you’re able to double down in successful areas and make pivots in underperforming areas of your gym by measuring what matters.

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Fitness Website Design: Creating a Successful Gym Website

Your gym needs a website — it’s as simple as that.

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