Case Studies

Awesome stories about #UpLaunchNation and the gyms that they run.

Reopening advice from a gym owner

Carl Penney, general manager of CrossFit El Cid, tells gym owners to over-communicate and start slow when reopening your gym.

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How UpLaunch helps gyms communicate during a crisis

Mac-Town CrossFit is using UpLaunch's Broadcast Center to stay in touch with members during the COVID-19 shut-down.

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“I’ve already made my money back and more every single month.”

District H Strength and Fitness owner Tommy Allen talks about how UpLaunch helps him automate his communications with a personal touch.

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How this gym impresses leads before they walk through the door

Joby Shreckhise of CrossFit 3xF and 3xF Staunton talks about how UpLaunch helps him stay connected to leads and members.

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"UpLaunch saved us 30 hours a week"

How UpLaunch's content and automation can help you focus on what really matters.

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Get more hours in your day with UpLaunch

Lance Berg of CrossFit Hutto talks about how UpLaunch made his gym more efficient.

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