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"A game-changer" How CF Rev40 Gained 38 Members in 2 Months

CrossFit Rev40 in Farmers Branch, Texas opened in March of 2019. A year later they were thriving and had grown to about 100 members — and then the COVID-19 pandemic shut everything down.

By the time they reopened they’d lost half their members.

Melissa Valentino and her husband, Guy, opened their gym to change people’s lives.

“Our mission is to find the least, the last, and the lost, and to give them hope to keep going. That’s where CF Rev 40 comes from -- just give us 40 days and we will transform your life,” Melissa said.

After shutting down and reopening, and then getting through the summer of 2020, Melissa and Guy decided they needed to update their website to bring in more leads and begin to grow their gym again.

“We had lost touch with our mission,” Melissa said, “and I noticed that our website kind of looked out of date.”

Melissa and Guy realized they needed help, so in November of 2020 they reached out to the UpLaunch Agency to use UpLaunch’s website services.

“It was super easy,” Melissa said about working with the UpLaunch Agency.

“I was given a couple of templates to choose from, sent pictures, and within a matter of three or four weeks I had the website live,” she said.

The new website went live on November 10, 2020, and by February CF Rev40 had 18 new members.

“And that's when I realized I need help. We started first with the website and then once I got comfortable with UpLaunch and how awesome the service was, we knew it was time to go ahead and upgrade to the CRM,” Melissa said.

They signed on with the UpLaunch CRM on February 13, and launched their digital marketing campaign through the UpLaunch Agency on Feb 22. The results came quickly — CrossFit Rev40 gained 38 new memberships in two months.

"It's a total game-changer," Melissa said about the UpLaunch CRM.

Melissa and her husband run the gym together, and before they signed on with UpLaunch she said everything felt chaotic.  

“With UpLaunch, we both have the app on our phone and we literally are able to to tag team all the text messages that come in and we don't have to ask each other, 'Hey, what's up with this person? What's up with that person?' We just know,” Melissa said.

After running the former client campaign, Melissa said they got five former members to rejoin the gym.

Melissa said she would recommend UpLaunch to any gym owner because of the software’s ability to manage leads.

“We have lost probably hundreds of leads just by not getting to people fast enough. When a lead comes in, if you don't get back to them immediately, they're going down two blocks to the other CrossFit box that got back to them quickly. So I would say the the automation piece of it has been so key for us,” Melissa said.

CrossFit Rev40 also uses Zen Planner as their business software, and now that Zen Planner and UpLaunch are integrated, Melissa said that when people come in, no matter if they come in through Zen Planner or UpLaunch, they’re synced and the automation begins immediately.

A year after the shut-downs, CrossFit Rev40 is now back to about 100 members.

“Our goal right now is to continue to grow,” Melissa said, “and if we didn't have this platform, I don't see how we could do that.”

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