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Get more hours in your day with UpLaunch

What would you do with three more hours ⏰ in your day?

An extra three hours is a game changer, especially if you’ve been spending that time on mindless or repetitive tasks.

Lance Berg, the general manager of CrossFit Hutto in Hutto, Texas, said UpLaunch has saved him between two and three hours every day.

“It changed everything,” Lance said. 👏

Discovering UpLaunch

CrossFit Hutto opened in 2015, and Lance has been there since the beginning, starting as a member and then a part-time coach. The gym started small, with about 70 members, and they’ve seen steady, consistent growth over the years.

“We’re chipping away, building at it, and now we’re up to 160 or 170 members,” Lance said, “so business has been great.

Lance became the general manager about a year ago. That's when he noticed the gym had so many different platforms and policies in place, and none of them lined up or worked with each other. 😬

“It wasn’t efficient at all,” Lance said.

“The guy who owns the gym, Coy, comes from a sales background where CRMs are used all the time. He said, ‘I don’t know why we haven’t done this already.’

I was like, ‘me either,’” Lance said.

They looked at different software solutions, and then they learned about UpLaunch. 🔥

“It just condensed everything we were doing,” Lance said.

“We went from six or seven different platforms to just this and ClickFunnels it was -- it changed the way that we did things -- for the better.”

Once Lance stopped piecing together different platforms and programs -- and tracking all of them separately -- he was shocked to learn how much time he’d saved. 😁

“It changed everything. It changed the complexion of the way my day goes. I went from spending four to five hours looking at things to one and a half to two hours just due to the simplicity and the efficiency of the UpLaunch platform. It’s just been fantastic,” Lance said.

“Pays for itself with one to two members”

UpLaunch has made CrossFit Hutto much more efficient, but Lance said it’s also positively impacted membership, particularly with retention. 💪

“Growth-wise it’s been great, because I can contact anybody who comes in instantly. The automated messaging that goes out that initiates the conversation is awesome. Especially if I’m coaching and somebody comes in and I don’t have a chance to call them or text them or whatever. And then retention wise it’s been awesome because it keeps people in the loop,” Lance said.

Lance said he’d recommend UpLaunch to any gym owner using multiple platforms to manage leads, book appointments, communicate with members via text and email, and manage member information. 😎

“If everything was going the way they wanted to and being as efficient as they thought it would be, they wouldn’t be looking in the first place. The platform pays for itself with one to two members. You are going to get one to two members a month with the platform if you do the normal marketing,” Lance said.

He said he was just talking to another gym owner who was in the same boat as CrossFit Hutto before they signed on with UpLaunch -- using and managing multiple platforms at once.

“I was like, ‘get rid of all of that and just use this,’” Lance said.“It makes money and saves time," he said, "especially if you are looking to delegate things in the near future. Having this platform makes it 100 times easier.” 💯


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