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5 Martial Arts Marketing Tips for Engaging Parents

Sara Perry

Students under the age of 18 account for over 48% of martial arts participants – this is a huge growth opportunity for your martial arts school! But before you can sign those students up, you need to connect with their parents.

Not only do they bring their children to sessions and provide the support their child needs to stay motivated, but parents are ultimately the decision makers of which martial arts school their children will attend.

If you want to connect with parents, your marketing campaigns should speak directly to them and showcase the value your school brings to their child’s growth and development. Here are five tips for marketing to your students’ parents.

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1. Meet Parents Where They Are Online

If you want to connect directly with the parents of your students, build an active presence on social media. Joining relevant Facebook groups or local community pages can be a great way to connect with online parent communities. By sharing the value of your school, showcasing student achievements, and offering helpful tips, you can create a sense of community and trust. Parents will appreciate the convenience of engaging with you online and be more likely to sign their children up for a session.

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2. Offer a Free Sneak Peek

Parents ultimately want their children to have fun, memorable experiences. Free trials help parents gauge their children’s interest, discover if they enjoy the discipline, and feel more confident about signing their children up for more.

Give parents a sneak peek into what it’s like to be your student by offering a:

Free Consultation

Bringing families in for a quick, free consultation introduces them to your instructors and school experience. Focus on building relationships and use the time to discuss the child’s specific needs, goals, and any potential challenges they may face. This personalized interaction helps build trust and confidence in your ability to guide their child’s martial arts journey.

Free Session

Offer a free session to let parents observe how your instructors interact with children, the teaching methods you use, and the overall student experience at your school. This firsthand experience helps parents determine whether your school aligns with their child’s needs, values, and learning style. It also provides an opportunity to evaluate your instructors’ ability to engage and motivate young students and gauge how safe your sessions are.

Free Week

Sometimes it takes more than one session to determine if a martial arts practice is the right fit. A free trial gives new students more time to experience what martial arts sessions are all about. The hands-on experience of stepping onto the mat and engaging with other students will help them gauge their interest and feel confident about committing to regular sessions.

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3. Don’t Forget to Follow Up

Following up with leads is a crucial step in the sales process. Often, prospective students express initial interest but may need a reminder to take the next step. By promptly and consistently reaching out to continue the conversation, you demonstrate your dedication and genuine interest in their child’s martial arts journey. It shows you’re attentive, responsive, and committed to helping their children achieve their goals.

Follow up consistently once a family shows interest, attends a consultation, or joins a trial session. To streamline and standardize the process for future leads, set up automated email or text series that regularly engage parents without requiring you to hit “send” each time.

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4. Make Retention Part of Your Strategy

Acquiring new leads is time-consuming and expensive. Retaining current students is more cost-effective and helps you cultivate brand advocates who will promote your school through word-of-mouth referrals.

Referrals are a highly effective marketing tactic, with 64%of marketers considering word-of-mouth to be the best strategy for business growth. Create a retention plan for your current students and give parents the tools to be advocates for your school.

UpLaunch martial arts modular campaigns

5. Leverage Pre-Built Strategies to Save Time

Instead of starting from scratch, leverage proven marketing campaign templates to save time and hit the ground running without the need for extensive planning or research.

Pre-built campaigns provide a step-by-step guide and ensure you cover all the essential aspects of lead engagement. From initial contact to nurturing leads through the decision-making process, using a proven strategy can create a cohesive and effective marketing journey.

Pre-built strategies like UpLaunch’s Modular Campaigns ensure you don’t miss any crucial touchpoints or opportunities to connect with potential students and their parents.

Remember, your goal should be to build lasting relationships with the parents who entrust their children to your care. Stay consistent and genuine in your marketing efforts, and you can create a positive and rewarding martial arts experience for the entire family.


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