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Introducing the Re-Opening Playbook for Your Gym

Hilary Achauer
The current reality of COVID-19 is going to require a concentrated, intentional and nimble re-opening effort by gym owners and operators.

We recently brought together the top leaders and operators from across the health, wellness and fitness industry to discuss best practices for re-opening and thriving through COVID-19.

Our leadership team captured these best practices and procedures to build a step-by-step guide with standard operating procedures designed specifically for health, wellness and fitness organizations.

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The Re-Opening Playbook is organized by four steps of re-opening and operations:

1.     Plan
2.     Prepare
3.     Practice
4.     Prove

What’s included in the Re-Opening Playbook?

  • Insights and advice from global industry leaders
  • Downloadable/printable risk management signage
  • Planning checklists for operators
  • The latest public health guidance from the CDC and OSHA
  • Tips on situational communications with members and staff
  • And much more!
Get Your Free Copy of the Re-Opening Playbook

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