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UpLaunch Featured on Two-Brain Business Podcast

Jake Johnson

If you’ve been around in the CrossFit Affiliate world, there’s a good chance you have read something from Two-Brain Business and Chris Cooper. Chris and his team regularly contribute and publish articles, podcast and video materials on successful gym ownership with CrossFit HQ.

In January, two of the founders of UpLaunch, Matt Verlaque, CEO, and Jake Johnson, COO, got to spend some time talking all things client experience and UpLaunch on Two-Brain Business’ Podcast – Episode #152.

Postcast Summary

UpLaunch was launched by Matt and Jake who are both former firefighters are also CrossFit gym owners. The company was originally born within the walls of CrossFit Gettysburg, PA.

As Matt and Jake began to grow their fitness business they soon realized that there was no software platform available that made it easy to deploy advanced marketing automation strategies and tactics without setting up third party tools. Ever tool that already existed was either expensive or extremely complicated and that was just not good enough.

Originally a mix up of third party tools, today UpLaunch provides a customer software solution for box owners that is unparalleled. Listen in on today’s episode to learn more about how powerful this platform is and the extensive capabilities it offers gym owners worldwide.

Chris Cooper, Founder & CEO, Two-Brain Business


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Read all about the Episode on Two-Brain Business’ website – Episode 152 – UpLaunch.

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