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Planning an Open event? Follow our 2022 Open guide

Sam Perry

You can accomplish a lot in a few weeks. Which is good, because that’s about how much time you have left until the Open begins on Feb. 24, 2022.

Planning Your 2022 Open Event

Why participate? The Open is a recovery tool

It’s a lot of work to go from New Year’s resolution season straight into prep for the Open. But you can do this. The key is staying organized so your to-dos are always under control. If you chip away at your tasks bit by bit, your event will fall into place.

Did you have an event-planning method that worked for you last year? Try building off of that by asking yourself:

  • What went well in 2021?
  • How can I replicate those results?
  • What could’ve gone better?
  • How can I make adjustments to improve this year’s event?

If you’re running an Open event for the first time, we have a step-by-step plan already outlined for you in this year’s Ultimate Guide to Running the Open. This will bring some structure to your event planning.

And if you’re an experienced gym owner, you can use our guide to improve specific aspects of your Open and gain new ideas to freshen up your event.

What’s Inside the Open Guide

Build your community. Catering to different groups.

The Open is one of the biggest events you’ll run all year. It’s a massive opportunity to bring new members into your gym, hype up your existing members, and encourage former members to come back.

Because this event is so crucial, our teams at UpLaunch, SugarWOD, and Zen Planner put together a 63-page Open guide just for you! This year’s edition has a new look and feel so you can follow along easily no matter how much (or how little) you’ve already planned.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Reasons to run an Open event
  • Tips for encouraging sign-ups
  • Ways to prepare your gym
  • Checklists for before, during, and after the event
  • Sample emails, texts, and social media posts
  • Tools for running a successful Open


Ultimate Guide to Running the Open: 2022 Edition

We hope you’re able to use this guide to reduce your stress as an owner and enhance the Open experience for your members. Let us know what you liked about this year’s edition and what you’d love to see added for 2023!


How are you marketing your Open event?

You’ll need some marketing tools on your side if you want to promote your event effectively.

UpLaunch Digital Marketing can pique the interest of athletes in your area with paid ads for Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Then, we can redirect those paid ads to a brand-spankin’-new site (courtesy of UpLaunch Websites) that promotes your event. Once you have those visitors’ info, use the UpLaunch Marketing Platform to email and text your new contacts!

You can also mix and match any of our UpLaunch solutions to strength your marketing plan where it’s weakest. Hop on a demo call with us, and we’ll let you know which combination of solutions makes the most sense for your business.

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