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The Power of Current Members

Megan Cunningham

Not seeing the results you hoped for with paid ads? Maybe it’s time to look inward for your leads – leveraging your current members.  

89% of people trust recommendations from people they know, making your current members a valuable asset for attracting new members.  

Members who exercise with a friend are more likely to maintain their membership, making referrals a retention strategy too!  

Referrals are an excellent, low-cost way to grow your membership. Let’s look at how to run a referral strategy at your gym.  

Creating a Lead-Generating Referral Strategy

People naturally enjoy the feeling of helping someone - it makes them feel good! But we are also selfish, People naturally enjoy helping someone - it makes them feel good! But we are also selfish, asking, “What’s in it for me?”.  

When crafting your referral strategy, we recommend having an incentive for both members and their referred friends. This way, you’re offering a reward for the member while also creating that warm feeling of helping someone out.  

It may seem like you’re losing revenue by offering an incentive for both the member and their friend, but remember that referrals result in 5 times more sales opportunities than paid ads and are a great strategy to run 3-4 times each year.  

The lifetime value of your new member will outweigh the initial investment you made to acquire them.  

Once you have created your offer, determine who to ask for referrals.  

Target your gym’s loyal members:  

- members who reach a key milestone  

- promoters from a recent NPS survey  

- members who leave positive reviews or feedback  

These members are more likely to recommend your gym to friends and family, bringing in new leads for your gym.  

Social motivation is a primary motivator for 60% of gym members
Social motivation is a primary motivator for 60% of gym members

An All-In-One System

Looking to simplify your referral strategy? UpLaunch’s marketing automation has the flexibility you need with pre-built campaign strategies to fit your gym’s needs.  

Use our NPS and review campaigns to construct a list of promoters within the platform. Then, within seconds, upload this list to the Refer-A-Friend campaign and start generating new leads.  

The expertly crafted campaign offers members a free Nutrition Consultation for referring a friend to the gym, while their friends receive a free consultation and class. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce your member to the gym’s nutrition program, creating a potential upsell opportunity.  

Don’t have a nutrition program? No problem! Offer members a free personal training session instead.  

UpLaunch’s Refer-A-Friend campaign comes preloaded with customizable content - but feel free to add your gym’s personal touch or change the offer to suit your needs!  


Strategies to Meet Your Gym’s Flexible Needs

Tired of patching together software that never quite seems to do what you want it to?

UpLaunch’s modular campaigns provide the flexibility you’ve been looking for with the gym expertise you need.  

With 80+ pre-built strategies and customizable content, you’ll never feel limited by your software – offering you the flexibility to run your gym your way.

Save valuable time with Uplaunch.
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