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Are Cold Leads Costing You?

Megan Cunningham

You spent valuable time and money acquiring a lead, but they didn’t bite.  

Maybe it wasn’t the right time, or something came up. Either way, your lead deserves another chance.  

While you may have a nurture sequence to keep your gym top of mind, sometimes you want to turn up the heat with a special deal or offer.  

This is where a targeted Lead Reactivation campaign comes in handy.

What is a Lead Reactivation campaign?

Whereas a nurture sequence has just enough communication to keep your gym’s name in front of old leads, a Lead Reactivation campaign is more aggressive.  

Your reactivation campaign is a direct ask, bringing old leads into your gym with a special offer. This campaign should be run 4-6 months after your lead becomes inactive and offer a hard-to-pass deal, enticing old leads to come into the gym.  

When creating your offer, focus on getting leads through the door – not turning a profit.

Try offering a discounted month’s membership.  

You know your leads will be impressed once they’re in the gym. The challenge is getting them through the doors. By making your initial offer enticing, you may not make a huge profit the first month, but their long-term membership more than makes up for it.

Bring cold leads through the door with a Limited-Time Offer
Bring cold leads through the door with a Limited-Time Offer

How to Create a Lead Reactivation Strategy

The first step towards crafting your lead reactivation strategy is choosing who to target.  

Do you have a list of leads? If so, filter by those over 5 months old. This should eliminate any active leads and narrow your list to your target audience.  

Next, it’s time to choose your offer.  

Entice your leads with a hard-to-pass offer, bringing them into your gym. Rember to set a deadline on your discount to create a sense of urgency.  

For example, UpLaunch’s Lead Reactivation campaign offers a discounted first month membership when leads sign up. The offer is only available for 18 days, encouraging contacts to act fast.  

Finally, you'll need to craft your communication.  

Using your email platform, draft your communication to your target audience. If you can, using a combination of email and SMS messages is a great way to ensure your message is received.  

You will want frequent touchpoints during your reactivation campaign, demonstrating how joining the gym will help your lead reach their goals. Also, having a staff member reach out with a phone call provides an opportunity to make them feel valued through personalized communication.  

With preparation, your gym can begin implementing an effective lead reactivation strategy that ensures the money spent acquiring your leads is well spent!

UpLaunch's pre-built content makes implementing a Lead Reactivation strategy easy
UpLaunch's pre-built content makes implementing a Lead Reactivation strategy easy

Need a bit of help? UpLaunch has you covered!

Creating a lead reactivation strategy may seem daunting at first.  

How do I find my target list?  

What should I offer to entice leads?  

How and when should I reach out?  

Don’t worry – we've done the research for you and created a 3-week Lead Reactivation campaign that can be implemented within minutes!  

Yes, you’ll still need to choose what discount to offer your leads, but we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. The Lead Reactivation campaign comes fully loaded with content, and your offer will be automatically loaded into the touchpoints.  

Our expertly crafted campaign includes a proven mixture of SMS and email messages, with staff reminders to follow up!

We’ve taken the guesswork out of your lead reactivation strategy – saving you time so that you can focus on winning leads over once they walk through the door.  

Let UpLaunch help you win over old leads with our Lead Reactivation strategy.    


Turn old leads into members with an effective Lead Reactivation strategy.

UpLaunch maintains relationships with old leads through an extended nurture sequence, keeping your gym top-of-mind.

When the time is right, our Lead Reactivation strategy brings old leads into your gym, creating new members.  

Stop sitting on new opportunities. Let UpLaunch turn your old leads into members today!

Save valuable time with Uplaunch.
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